The Caracals are a band hailing from Orange County, CA. The band digs deep into their garage rock roots to bring you a fresh indie rock sound.

The sound of the project is inspired by the gritty, fuzzy, yet melodic sounds. The idea is to craft exciting down-to-earth tracks that are filled to the brims with chunky guitar riffs, energetic vocals and steady rhythm sections with a retro feel.

The Caracals set out to reformulate the sound of indie rock, while embracing other influences, such as 60s surf, with a contemporary twist.

The band has released their debut single, “In the Dark,” on February 23rd. The track was mastered by sound engineer Brian Lucey, who has worked with artist like Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys. The track was recorded and mixed at Jazzcats Studios (Tijuana Panthers and The Buttertones).

The Caracals set out to release their debut EP on September 2018!

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